Autistic Consultant & British Psychologist, Wenn, leading by example to empower autistic individuals and promote quality co-produced research

UK/EU Events

Wenn will be in the UK from 15 March - 30 April 2018

Below are the events he currently has booked. Please note that some of these events may not be open to the public, but are listed to help Wenn organise his schedule.

March 15-16 - Sara Rushwan Autism conference, America Square Conference Centre in London.
March 19 - NAS Gender Dysphoria Workshop. 1pm-4pm. City Rd. NAS London. Contact Lorraine MacAlister.
March 23-25 - Birmingham Residential weekend. Masters Autism Course students. Birmingham Uni.
March 29 - Newark, Notts. An all-day conference with Zaffy in Newark. Contact Rachel Moffoot, Extended Sevices Coordinator (Newark Family of Schools), Sports Coordinator (William Gladstone) 07960 121027 / 01636 680284.
April 6-9 - fly to Dortmund, based with Evemarie. Meeting with STAR group from Dortmund University.
April 9 - 'Autism, sexuality, public & private and keeping safe.' Half-day workshop with doctors and other medical staff at: Royal Surrey County Hosp. Mental Health Clinic. Farnham Rd. Guildford. Contact Emily Ranson
April 14 - fly to Copenhagen from Zurich… cross bridge to Sweden meet Petra Bjorne
April 14-16 - Petra arranging talks with Sweden AS Ass.
April 18 - Sweden lecture about gender and autism in Blekinge (south of Sweden) for a half day. Contact Malin Kallhagen
April 30 - return from London to Melbourne.