Autistic Consultant & British Psychologist, Wenn, leading by example to empower autistic individuals and promote quality co-produced research

UK/EU Events

Wenn will next be in the UK and Europe in May-June 2019.

Below are the events he currently has booked. Please note that some of these events may not be open to the public, but are listed to help Wenn organise his schedule.

May 6 - Travelling from Melbourne to Singapore
May 8 - Travelling to London
May 9 - Personal travel
May 11 - Travelling from London to Athens - Giannis Voskopolous.
May 13-15 - All day training in Athens
May 16 - Day time training sessions, Leatherhead, UK Ashleigh Lunn. Return to London in the eve.
May 17 - Event for NAS at Cloth Hall Court, Leeds City Centre Anoushka Pattenden.
May 18-20 - Wysall
May 20 - Presenting to parents group in Notts with Maria Kalinowska.
May 21 - Limpsfield School, Surrey, Natasha White.
May 22 - fly to Dortmund: then take train to Bielefeld.
May 22-23 - Bielefeld, Germany. Conference presentations on the autism and relationships("The way people with autism build and shape romantic relationships and sexuality and give further insight into potential challenges and solutions" and "Love, partnership and sexuality on the autism spectrum"). Contact Vanessa.
May 24-26 - Dortmund: visiting with Evemarie. Meeting with the Starz group.
May 27 - Fly back to London then train to Newark
May 28 - Presenting at conference with Zaff near village in Newark
May 29-June 3 - Visiting cousin in Essex
June 4-6 - Clevedon, meeting with Suzette
June 7-10 - Porto, Portugal, Joana Prata.
June 12-27 - Inclusion Conference, Isle of Wight, Rachel Hayden
June 18 - Travel to Singapore for Asia Pacific Autism Conference
June 23 - Travel to Adelaide via Melbourne