Autistic Consultant & British Psychologist, Wenn, leading by example to empower autistic individuals and promote quality co-produced research

DVDs & Videos

Wenn has presented or contributed to two DVD based resources: Life & Learning with Autistic Spectrum Diffability and SocialEyes.

Wenn was also featured in the documentary "Alone in a Crowded Room" by Lucy Paplinska. A follow up documentary is currently in production.

Here are some interviews and short videos featuring Wenn.

Discussing "Transitioning Together" on This Morning (a UK breakfast show)

My experience of autism - Swinburne Autism MOOC

Something About Us documentary - Parts 1 & 2 - TreeHouse

An interview with Dr Wenn Lawson (understanding gender dysphoria) - Autism and Mental Health Conference 2015

The importance of autistic voices in research (with Rochelle Johnson & Dr. Emma Goodall) - Autism CRC 2016 (Please see for more Autism CRC webinars).