Autistic Consultant & Independent Researcher, Wenn, leading by example to empower autistic individuals and promote quality co-produced research

Media & Articles

On this page you will find various articles Wenn has written as well as print and radio interviews he has given.

Stories from the Spectrum interview - National Autistic Society UK

Our Journey With Gender Transition as an Autistic Couple - The Mighty (August 2017)

Mirror Article - (May 2017)

"I don't feel bad about who I am anymore" - Wenn Lawson reflects on the positive experiences of transition - JKP Blog(March 2017)

Understanding Autism and Asperger Syndrome - Teaching Tips and Tales Podcast (September 2015)

Interview with Dr Wenn Lawson: autism and gender dysphoria - Network Autism (May 2015)

Interview with Dr Wenn Lawson - The Autism Centre for Education and Research blog (April, 2015)

Gender Dysphoria and Autism - Network Autism (May 2015)

Interview about the book "The Nine Degrees of Autism" with Tony Attwood - Jeanette's Autism Show (February, 2016)

Autism, empathy and Theory of Mind - Jeanette's Autism Show (April, 2015)

Wenn Lawson: Transgender Kids - Cortical Chauvanism (January, 2017)

Asperger Syndrome and Reading the Minds of Others - All in the Mind (ABC Radio National) (March, 2002)