Autistic Consultant & British Psychologist, Wenn, leading by example to empower autistic individuals and promote quality co-produced research

Media & Articles

On this page you will find various articles Wenn has written as well as print and radio interviews he has given.

Our Journey With Gender Transition as an Autistic Couple - The Mighty (August 2017)

Mirror Article - (May 2017)

"I don't feel bad about who I am anymore" - Wenn Lawson reflects on the positive experiences of transition - JKP Blog(March 2017)

Understanding Autism and Asperger Syndrome - Teaching Tips and Tales Podcast (September 2015)

Interview with Dr Wenn Lawson: autism and gender dysphoria - Network Autism (May 2015)

Interview with Dr Wenn Lawson - The Autism Centre for Education and Research blog (April, 2015)

Gender Dysphoria and Autism - Network Autism (May 2015)

Interview about the book "The Nine Degrees of Autism" with Tony Attwood - Jeanette's Autism Show (February, 2016)

Autism, empathy and Theory of Mind - Jeanette's Autism Show (April, 2015)

Wenn Lawson: Transgender Kids - Cortical Chauvanism (January, 2017)

Asperger Syndrome and Reading the Minds of Others - All in the Mind (ABC Radio National) (March, 2002)