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  • Something about us is a short film (approx. 20 mins, in 2 parts) that consists of segments created by different autistic individuals from a variety of 'walks of life' who have things they want the world to know about autism. Its message is positive, timely, very important and should be viewed by all interested in our point of view. I hope you enjoy watching this beautifully crafted contribution to the broadening of understanding that our autism gives us. We want you to recognise our strengths, not just our weaknesses and build upon these. It's time the world listened....
  • Cassandra Leuthold is a remarkable college bowler who says having Asperger's syndrome helps her concentrate when it matters most. Watch the video.
  • Socialeyes is a particular training package focussed on social issues and how to note & practice helpful ideas for us as autistic adults. It has been created with the input of 5 autistic adults. Our stories, reasoning and honesty make this package accessible, real and worthwhile. This is not a typical training package that lacks the understanding from our point of view... it is quite different to anything else on the market. The National Autistic Society team, who worked with us in the making of these materials, listened to us and valued our individuality, life experience and the gifts we bring to share. I recommend Socialeyes to any individual who wants to learn more about themselves, about others and about how to connect to the social world in a meaningful and positive way.
  • Training & informational resources

  • The National Autism Standards for the UK are full of useful info & resources for the school community. Whether you are new to autism or well acquainted, these 'standards'... testimonials, opinions and general information, are so relevant in today's age.  They speak to families, schools, professional bodies and the lay person who might be interested. School life can be very difficult, but, if we can make it that little bit easier and much more accessible, it's well worth it.
  • A really good article on Gender Dysphoria from the Good Schools Guide
  • Tony Attwood has some interesting information on Asperger syndrome. He also runs workshops & training times, specialises in diagnosis and support for autism.
  • The ASC Good Practice Guide has a number of articles that are very useful.
  • Laurens Creed is the title of Dianne Winbanks inspiring story of raising a child with autism.
  • Autism Training is a free online AS training program & I think it's quite good. I don't agree with everything but the gist is great, especially for building understanding between school & home. Teachers should know that they can access understanding and strategies by working through this website's on-line course(s).
  • Helping To Grow has software and teaching tips for parents of children with learning delays and difficulties.
  • Personal websites

  • Rudy Simone is a friend of mine and has a great website.
  • Zaffy Simone has a great facebook page.
  • Josh Muggleton is a talented young man with Asperger's Syndrome, and a great conference speaker and good friend of mine. The Channel 4 Year Dot series, now on YouTube covering his transition to university are well worth seeing. Episode 8 and Episode 16.
  • Robyn Steward is a gifted young woman with Asperger's Syndrome who offers training and mentoring.
  • Temple Grandin's Home Page. Being autistic doesn't mean 'being without a future'... as Temple Grandin's life clearly demonstrates.
  • iAutistic is about Eric who is an autistic who has entered the human world & now guides people to experience the world of autism.
  • Helpful organisations

  • So often people tell us, as autistic people, what we can't do, can't be or can't achieve. The I CAN network helps young autistic people view life from a different perspective; one that focuses upon what they can do, can be and can achieve!  One day, 'I CAN' will commonly be our mantra... till then, we can focus our thoughts and energies into making I CAN our reality.
  • Homes Caring for Autism Ltd run community integrated care homes in the South West UK. I say: "You guys are just great. People with Autism need your sort of service." "We could do with your service in Australia." "It's nice to meet people who are willing to use my knowledge."
  • Autism and Computing is a not-for-profit group. Its aim is to explore ways of helping people with autism to lead fulfilling lives. The Potions and Pills article is definitely recommended reading.
  • The Cooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism (Autism CRC) is an Australia's collaborative research effort looking at autism across the lifespan. I am proud to be working with this organisation on several different projects.
  • The Center for Excellence in Autism Research (CeFAR) ┬áhas been running a series of collaboratives project looking at brain development in people with autism. They have already made some interesting findings.
  • Useful products

  • I have used Irlen lenses for many years and recommend them. Ayla writes: "I am writing to thank you for one of the talks you gave recently. You explained about your glasses.  I was initially not sure because I like to know the science behind things, but I looked up Irlen lenses and found a company called Cerium in the UK. Anyway, I digress, since then I got tested and have a pair of prescription tinted lenses which are truly brilliant, I am sooooo pleased with them, they are awesome, I am getting a second pair made too.  So I want to thank you so much for your talk and all the information in it.  Without hearing you speak I would never have heard about coloured lenses, so a million thank yous for making a difference.
  • Squeasewear have created jackets that apply a gentle hug, like pressure to your upper body. I reckon these products will reduce the anxiety for so many people and increase our quality of life, thanks guys!
  • Forums or Chat Rooms:

  • Healthful Chat
  • Autism Awareness forum (There are several adults with AS in the Australian chat room each night, these people can direct others to chats they may be interested in)
  • Asperger Autism Teens (A mailing list for teens. There is the opportunity for teens to create their own chatroom from this.)
  • Other links:

  • John & Sarah have supported me for over 17 years. I'm delighted to support their new home stay English language skills program available on the Isle of Wight.
  • When I'm away from home and start getting homesick....Connect Warrnambool is the webpage for my home community near Melbourne Australia.