Autistic Consultant & British Psychologist, Wenn, leading by example to empower autistic individuals and promote quality co-produced research

About Wenn

Dr. Wenn Lawson PhD, CPsychol. AFBPsS. MAPs

Psychologist, lecturer and author, Dr. Wenn has run his own business for more than 20 yrs. At 2 yrs, he was misdiagnosed as intellectually disabled, at school of being incapable of doing as he was told, at 17 yrs misdiagnosed with schizophrenia; in and out of Mental Health Institutions; eventually age 42yrs, diagnosed with an autism spectrum condition (ASC), ADHD, dyspraxia and learning difficulties.

Dr. Wenn is currently a Teaching Fellow with Birmingham University's online Masters autism course. He is co-chair of the Australian Autism Research Council, resides on the Autism Open Access board and the board for SEAL(Community College in Warrnambool, Australia), & the ICAN board, South West (Australia). He is a participant and advisor for Autism CRC, Australia, a Project Team member and mentor for Future Leaders, and he has written numerous books (and papers) on ASC.