Autistic Consultant & Independent Researcher, Wenn, leading by example to empower autistic individuals and promote quality co-produced research


"Wenn's ability to convey the essence of his autistic world to others is remarkable. As an adult educator, with training in psychology and family issues, Wenn offers a valuable contribution to understanding and working with individuals with Autism Spectrum disorder. Having known, listened to and worked with Wenn, I highly recommend him as an intriguing and interesting speaker who has much to offer professionals and families, to enhance their insights into autism in a humorous and vivid way". Professor Margot Prior. Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne.

"When Wenn spoke to us at the parent's night, for the first time I understood my little boy. I wish I had heard Wenn's words two years ago when Michael was first diagnosed with Autism.... it would have saved me so much stress and confusion." Jane, Sydney.

"Dr Wenn Lawson rocks. Not literally. But in the (NT) sense that his passion and commitment to helping the NT world understand the autie/aspie world is truly inspiring and mind-shifting. There are not many speakers who can so utterly captivate an audience for 3 hours and then have them tweet later that they could have listened for hours longer. All this, despite what we are told about the average adult's attention span being approximately 20 minutes. Just goes to show that the passionate mind knows no boundaries of time or attention deficit! Please keep doing good work." Lisa, Chief Executive, Cantraybridge College, Scotland.

"Hearing Wenn changed my life..." Sarah, Bradford Support Group.

"Fascinating! As a teacher I have found the talk very inspiring and will certainly be more aware of the pupils I teach and what they may be thinking and feeling. I will be much more conscious of the language I use when speaking to them. Thank you." Teacher, Bucks UK.

"Absolutely brilliant. I have attended several workshops on working with autistic children. This is the first one I have come away from with any real understanding of the condition. Not only did I learn so much, I actually now enthusiastically look forward to the challenge of teaching autistic children. I was enthralled and inspired by Wenn's talk." Teacher, Hampshire UK

"If you have not heard Wenn speak then do not miss any opportunity to hear him. Our members in Gloucestershire cannot get enough of him and we just keep inviting him back!" Sarah, Stroud Autistic Support Group UK.

Maria from Notts in the UK says: "people are still talking about your training event..... weeks after .."

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