Autistic Consultant & Indpendent Researcher, Wenn, leading by example to empower autistic individuals and promote quality co-produced research

Training Services

Wenn is available to talk to support groups, facilitate training and workshops, as well as professional development for teachers, carers and other professionals. He is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS), a member of the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) and a member of The British Psychological society (MBPsS). He has several university qualifications, including a PhD in Psychology. Wenn is registered to practice psychology in the United Kingdom, but does not practice in Australia.

Being on the autism spectrum, Dr. Wenn is passionate about the rights of those who so often cannot speak for themselves. Awarded fourth place as 'Victorian Australian of the year' in 2008, Dr. Wenn knows what it means to represent and advocate for others. The parent of four children (youngest son on the autism spectrum), and grand-parent to three, (including two gorgeous little girls, both on the autism spectrum), Dr. Wenn knows the value of family. Recently Wenn was awarded the Lesley Hall Award for Lifetime Achievement as part of the Australian Disability Leadership Awards.

Wenn is well known both in the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Sharing his knowledge, understanding and experience of the autistic spectrum has been Wenn's occupation over the past 23 years. Currently, as well as touring extensively to facilitate seminars on AS, Wenn is a tutor for the University of Birmingham's Masters Autism course, and a participant of the Co-operative Research Center for Living with Autism (Autism CRC) in Australia.

Wenn is an experienced public speaker and trainer. He sometimes also provides individual consultation to families and organisations. Dr. Wenn says, "There has never been a better time to be autistic; Today's technology is helping us connect to the world we all share.' But, we are all getting older. What does it mean to be a young person with ASC in our high-tech world? Our young people will become adults and older people with autism. Are we prepared for such an ageing population?

Dr. Wenn's seminars are research based, yes, but they are also practical, down to earth and applicable to all individuals, parents, professionals and others wanting to understand AS and make a difference.

Some of the topics Wenn is able to present on in relation to autism include:
- Understanding autism
- Gender dysphoria
- Ageing
- Object permanence and single-focus
- Co-producing research with adults on the autism spectrum
- Schooling
- Sexuality
- Autism and girls
- Attention
- Being verbal or not using typical language
- The use of technology in autism
- Autism and dual diagnosis
- Pathological demand avoidance
- Communication and sensory dysphoria
And many more

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