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Special Announcement Regarding Diagnostic Assessments and Client Consultations (March 8th, 2022)

It is with a heavy heart, that Wenn has to announce that he will be unable to offer diagnostic assessment services or client consultations for the foreseeable future for health reasons.

Wenn is currently facing a number of physical health challenges and has been forced to reassess his commitments to ensure he is taking care of himself and giving himself the best chance of recovery . He has a number of procedures planned for the coming months (including a hip replacement) which mean he is unable to work at his previous capacity.

Wenn will be focusing on his health and his existing research-related commitments. Whilst he might be able to answer some email enquiries or fulfil a small number of speaking engagements - he isn't planning to commit to any additional interstate or international travel until further notice. Anyone submitting an enquiry should be prepared to wait at least a week or two for a response as Wenn's health allows.

Wenn realises that obtaining a diagnosis, particularly in adulthood, is both financially and emotionally taxing and can take a very long time.

Wenn will only recommence offering assessment services if his health improves over time and allows him to do so. If this is eventually the case, it is likely he will only be able to conduct 1 or 2 assessments per month and would only be conducting assessments for adults living in the UK (where he is registered as a psychologist).

Please pursue any other assessment avenues that might be available to you as Wenn is not able to commit to recommencing this service.

Wenn apologises for any inconvenience and hopes that everyone who needs it is able to access the support they need from an affordable and understanding practitioner.